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The Billings Community Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt, innovative community foundation governed by local citizens promoting philanthropy and charitable giving.  

Our Mission is: “To help individual donors and charitable organizations
meet the needs of the Greater Yellowstone Region.”


The Billings Community Foundation’s Yellowstone Valley Giving Day is a powerful 24+ hour online and on-site live celebration of giving, focused on connecting community members with area nonprofits!

We are reinforcing the value of philanthropic giving, encouraging community engagement, and strengthening collaborative impact for the benefit of the Greater Yellowstone Valley Region of Montana!

This year, our community experienced an unprecedented level of giving as 104 nonprofits came together to raise over $193,000 in 24+ hours from over 600 donors! Better still, Yellowstone Valley Gives continues to increase the amount raised year to year, and donors provided significant funding to nonprofits in support of their missions and critical programming needs!

Our 2019 goal is to:
INCLUDE 115 Nonprofit Participants
INSPIRE 1,000 Donors to Give
INVEST $200,000 in the Community

The potential of Yellowstone Valley Gives is tremendous and the Billings Community Foundation is thrilled to be hosting this campaign in our community!

With your continued support - we will increase public awareness of the community impact made by local nonprofits, bring donors and nonprofits together, connect people to the causes they care about most, and prove that philanthropy is fun!

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