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The Billings Community Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt, innovative community foundation governed by local citizens promoting philanthropy and charitable giving.  

Our Mission is: “To help individual donors and charitable organizations
meet the needs of the Greater Yellowstone Region.”


Billings Community Foundation offers services that help individuals and groups performing charitable services start, grow, and achieve important community gains without delay and red tape. By extending legal, corporate, and fiscal sponsorship to new projects, Billings Community Foundation allows them to operate under the auspices of a fully qualified tax-exempt public charity.

Though fiscal sponsorship is sometimes described as a purely administrative relationship, at the Billings Community Foundation (BCF), it is a tool for providing support, building capacity, and creating community for new and exciting projects!

We processes all donations for the individual projects, files appropriate paperwork with government agencies, sees to paying all related bills of the project, issues tax-receipts to donors and maintains a professional office while the project is under contract with us!

We handle all the back office work, so the project supporters’ time is freed up to focus on their important mission!

Let us know how we can help sponsor your next charitable project!



Sandy Archambeault
Lori Byron
Sherri Cornett
Joel Gargaro
Leanne Gilbertson
Elizabeth Harmon
John T Hayes
Sheri Jarvis
Mark Johns
Nic Jovanovich
Drew McDowell
Stacey Mickelson
Joel Moore
Allen Morrison
Jack Nickels

Michelle Ozark
Aaron Rosen
Julie Seedhouse
Richard Smith
Denise Smith
R. Scott Sullivan
Cornell Thomas
Bryce Turcotte
Obert Undem
Jack Nickels
Tina Walker
John Wright
Robert Yest
Donald Zanoff
Terry Zee Lee

Women Stepping Forward for Agriculture

Jeana Bliss
Becky Hample
Bethany Hein
Kim Klasna
Lea Lis Moore
Lisa Muilenberg
Animal Health International
Bank of Baker
Billings Livestock Commission
Billings Tourism BID
Canyon Creek Traders
Cloud Peak Energy Resources LLC
Farver Farms

Follow Your Arrow
Montana Cattle Women
Montana Grain Growers Association
Montana Grazing Lands Cons.
Montana Wool Growers Association
Northwestern Energy
St Vincent Healthcare
Stockman Bank
Sweet Grass Community Foundation
USDA Farm Service Agency
Wipfli CPAs & Consultants
Women Involved in Farm Economics

North Elevation Banner Project

Linda Adams
James M. & Sarah K. Brown
Bill & Amy Brown
Brandy & Stacy Coffin
Bill & Anne Cole
Brent & Dorothea Cromley
Bonnie  Duray
Michelle Evenson
James Foley
Edward B. Gulick
Daniel & Mary Horman
Joseph O. Howell
Gene R. Jarussi
Joyce Jensen
Jeffrey Kreidler
Theresa Lubke
Chad Martin

Thomas & Margaret McGillvray
Mary McNally
Jane & Tom Tollefson Moses
Lue Ponich
Barbara Prestrud
Cara & Mike Schaer
Mark & Rita Solem Sevier
Stephen P. Shandera
Janet Rivera Sharon
Daniel & Frances Shaub
Johnathan & Kendra Shaw
Allan & Susan Siess
Karen Stevens
Michael & Joan Tuss
Harper & Madison
St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation
Billings Clinic Foundation

Wyola Art School & Cultural Building

Deborah Burke
Lori Byron
Margarette Game Carlson
Patricia Driftwood
Jeanne  Dussault
Thomas & Karen Heyneman
Robert & Stacey Katz

Jack Nickels
Ronald H Smith
Ralph Spence
Lauren & John Wright
Terry Zee Lee
Harry L. Willett Foundation

Free Spirit School of Rock Pay-It-Forward

Peter Boyd
Dru Cederberg Foundation
Nichole Haratyk
Montana Arts Council
Quinn Wiederien
Sharon Meyer
John Wright