Corporate Giving from the Billings Community Foundation
Where business owners, leaders and their employees embrace their community.


Business owners and corporate leaders are our greatest philanthropists. And, they understand the value of giving their employees the opportunity to give back to their communities. But, not everyone knows just how easy it is to extend that passion for giving to employees. Businesses of any size can stand taller in their community with corporate charitable giving programs from the Community Foundation.
Business giving programs are opportunities for giving back to the community.
For Corporate Leaders who seek a deeper relationship with their employees, customers and community.
For Small Business Owners who would like to implement big-corporate giving programs, but never thought they could.
For Human Resources Professionals who understand the changing values of the next generation workforce.
For Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs who want to maximize the benefits and minimize the costs of personal or company giving.
The Community Foundation helps businesses further their corporate philanthropy.
We can help you establish a corporate foundation or enhancing your current corporate giving program. The Community Foundation provides the most comprehensive offering of products, services and expertise in the marketplace today, making your charitable dollars work smarter.


We offer an array of cost-effective services and a team to help you build upon and manage your good work.
Corporate Foundations: Organize all your company’s philanthropy under one structure.


Corporate Donor-Advised Fund (Corporate Foundation) – A corporate donor-advised fund may receive tax advantages, increase your company’s visibility in the community, and encourage others to see your company in a positive light.


However, that’s not necessarily why you give. Philanthropy is important to you and your employees. You give back to the community because you want to make an impact.


Whatever your reason for giving, the Billings Community Foundation’s job in establishing your corporate donor-advised fund is to help you fulfill your company’s philanthropic mission as easily and effectively as possible.


Not only can the Community Foundation help you establish a corporate foundation that maximizes the tax and budget aspects of your company’s philanthropy, we:
  • Organize your corporate giving under one structure,
  • No minimum required fund balance
  • Keeps fees low and oversight high
Disaster Relief: Quickly respond as a company by collecting and distributing donations.


When disaster strikes locally or internationally, your company can immediately respond by collecting and distributing donations. Getting those donations quickly into the hands of those who need them most is essential.


The Community Foundation helps make that possible by providing an online option for donating to your company’s disaster relief fund.


Working together for a cause brings employees together and makes them feel good for helping others suffering from a disaster.
Additional Services:
  • Scholarship Funds
  • Competitive Grantmaking
  • Custom Volunteer Opportunities
  • Volunteer Tracking
  • Strategic Planning Assistance
  • Philanthropic Consulting
Companies that give back are companies that move forward.
Corporate philanthropy impacts a company’s bottom line and its presence in the marketplace and corporate giving doesn’t just create more loyal customers. It also makes employees feel good!


Every day, the Community Foundation helps companies and their employees make a positive impact in Billings and the Greater Yellowstone Valley Region of Montana.